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In 1960 at the age of 8, I picked up a guitar and never put it back down. Over the following two decades, I painstakingly worked to perfect my craft, practicing every spare minute to refine my skills. Following my father’s passions, my first influences were big-band and classical jazz.


Realizing that I needed to expand my skill set, I moved across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver in 1972 to attend the first college jazz program at Vancouver Community College.


Under the direct supervision of Dave Robbins, I developed a wide range of technical skills. I gained exposure to the talents and rhythms of Herbie Hancock, Herb Ellis, Eddie Gomez, Miles Davis, Django Reinhardt, Joe Pass, Allan Holdsworth, John Coltrane, and many others. 


I went on to play with many talented artists, notably Albert Collins, James Cotton, Thunderbird Blues Band, and Dave Robbins Orchestra. I completed a successful decade of cover touring – booked through A&F Music led by Bruce Allen and Sam Feldman.


Alongside these experiences, I began composing in 1984 and have been working to refine my practice ever since. I am skilled in audio engineering, composition, production, and writing for dialogue and theme. I have composed over fifty albums and well over five hundred tracks, the complex and multi-genre repertoire of which I now bring to film and television.

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